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Headshot Special Offer

A photo of your cat or a holiday snap might be an OK profile photo for some Social Media platforms, but is unlikely to give a good impression for business oriented platforms (such as LinkedIn or  Meetup, or even Facebook).

We take professional headshots of you for use on your business profiles.  We can also take more casual /fun / silly headshots that you can use on other more casual social platforms.

Special Offer – What You Get

Book Now ButtonFor just $220, you will get up to an hour of studio time and we will give you 30 to 50 High resolution JPG images to take home with you on a USB – to use however you wish.  We will also give you a glass of Bubbly and/or a Cuppa and some snacks…

What You Need to Do

  • Arrive promptly at (or before) your scheduled appointment time (if you arrive late you will have less time).
  • Come dressed, made up, groomed and ready to go
    (we will have a stylist on hand who can offer advice and some assistance but will not be able to give you a full makeover).
  • Bring a few different Outfits / Accessories / Jewellery / Props (if you like) – different styles, different colours – to provide a couple of different looks
  • Bring along a friend if you like (for moral support)

What Will Happen on the Day

Appointments will start each half hour and your 1hr session will overlap with someone elses session.

Each session will be made up of a number (probably 3 or 4) separate photo shoots of around 10 minutes each. This will give you time to have a breather / costume change /drink or snack  between shoots and allow us to do some background /lighting changes as required.

At the end of your session we will copy your photos to a USB drive and give it to you to take and use however you like.

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