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Brisbane South Bank Time Lapse

Experimenting a bit more with time lapse to polish my technique and see what works (and more importantly what doesn’t).

Note: for all samples below – the original is significantly higher quality and has been reduced for upload to YouTube, but it gives you an idea…

South Bank Boardwalk Time Lapse

Brisbane’ South Bank boardwalk extends along the length of South Bank bordering the Brisbane River.¬† It is a lively and busy place much of the time, and this time lapse captures¬†tourists, families, couples, joggers, cyclists, photographers, kayaks, jet skis, ferries, city cats, and even a seagull (if you are quick) out and about enjoying the beautiful.

It was compiled from 690 photos taken at 3 second intervals over a 22 minute period on a (not particularly busy) Saturday morning. The sound track (written and performed by Rob Thompson) is appropriately titled “Down by the River“.

South Bank Arbour Time Lapse

The South Bank Grand Arbour is a kilometre long arbour located in the South Bank Parklands in Brisbane, Australia. The structure functions as a shaded pedestrian walkway which winds it’s way from one end of the Parklands to the other.¬† This timelapse sequence is m,ade up of 480 photos taken at 3 second intervals and stitched together into a Timelapse video using LightRoom 4.4.

Fancy Dress Scavenger Hunt Time Lapse

This very quick timelapse sequence was taken over just a few minutes at The Giant Wheel (South Bank, Brisbane) as teams gathered for a Fancy Dress scavenger hunt.
This was stitched together using Ligthroom, with 5 frames per second and 0.1 second fades.