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The Summerhouse – Byron Bay

I was very fortunate to have spent last weekend at “The Summerhouse“, a luxurious coastal retreat overlooking Byron Bay, and had an opportunity to take some Architecture / Real Estate shots.

The Summerhouse offers luxury bed and breakfast style accommodation – with 6 luxury suites, clustered around  a common lounge/dining/kitchen/pool area.  It is quite a unique concept, because staff are there during the day to service rooms, cook breakfast and meet and greet guests, but there is no-one around on site at night, so it very much feels like your own place.  There are also great opportunities to meet and chat with other guests (and plenty of breakout areas where you can do your own thing if you prefer).

I didn’t treat this as a proper commercial shoot, so didn’t worry about special lighting, or HDR, but here are some of my happy snaps of this awesome place (I will definitely be back).

and here is a timelapse taken from the pool deck





Byron Bay Weekend – April 2014

The weather this week has been pretty amazing, so we decided (last minute) to head down to Byron bay for the weekend.  We were very late in booking accommodation, but managed to stumble across an incredible house to stay – in the foothills overlooking Byron Bay called The Summerhouse.

The Summerhouse has a fantastic outlook over the Byron Bay area and is just screaming “photo opportunity”…(look out for a separate post for The Summerhouse soon).  I had great plans to capture some amazing sunset shots (no clouds = boring sunset), some fantastic Star Trails (cloud cover = no stars) and some stunning sunrise shots (band of clouds on the horizon = limited colour)…. however despite these little setbacks we had an awesome time and I managed to get some shots that I am very happy with (and some decent timelapses which I am still working on).

Here are some of the highlights :

… and here a here a couple of sunrise timelapse video sequences taken from Broken head (just 5 10 minutes down the road)