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Remember Forever Photo Club – Scavenger Snaps – Apr 2013

For a change the April club meetup was held during the day – and the challenge was to  take a photo starting with each letter of the Alphabet (1 point each) within 1 hr – with bonus points for various other things such as Macro (5 points), Green Background (5 points), Spider web (5 points), etc… see the full list of “bonuses” below.

Team “Andy and Sandy” got first place with 242 points and each won a free Workshop… Woo Hoo !!.

Here are our photos (hover mouse over thumbnail for info on what it is :)) :

Here is a full list of the Extra Bonus point options :

  • Every Macro Photograph (5 points)
  • Photographing a spiderweb (5 points)
  • Photographing a reflection (5 points)
  • A red subject subject photographed on a red background (5 points)
  • Photographing something cold (5 points)
  • Photographing something old (2 points)
  • Photographing shadow (2 points)
  • Using a green background (2 points)
  • Using a shallow depth of field (2 points)
  • Using selective focus (2 points)
  • Using a patterned background (2 points)
  • Using shadows (2 points)