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Remember Forever Photo Club – Light Painting – May 2013

At the May RF Club meet, I presented some of the fundamental principles of light paining – focusing on the basic torch as a light source – and gave a demonstration of some of the basic light painting techniques , including :

  • Light painting
  • Light Tracing
  • Light Drawing
  • Light writing
  • … and various combinations of the above…

The gallery below provides a sample of some of the shots taken on the night.

Thanks very much to Rory for his assistance on the night.

Also see Brisbane City Skyline at Night – Time Lapse for a short timelapse sequence taken on the night.


Upon Reflection….

I was inspired by the reflections in my recent Light Painting shoot at Wellington Point, so did some cropping and editing to focus just on the reflections.

I love feel of these photos – bright vibrant colours, deep shadows, and a smooth organic nature :


Light, Water & Fire

Light Painting is one of my passions because it combines the manipulation of light with low light photography techniques – and I LOVE the quality of light that you get with long exposures.

I particularly like combining light painting with water because of the amazing reflections you can achieve.  here are a few photos from a shoot at Wellington Point – where we also get to play with Fire !!

Light Painting “Toys”

I’ve been building and expanding my arsenal of light painting toys tools over the last few months, but haven’t even had a chance to try out a few of them… So this evening, I finally got around to putting them thorugh their paces… and am pretty happy with their outcomes… Now my challenge is to start incorporating some of these effects into my other photography (without over doing it).