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Where’s the BEST place to take photos of…..

How often have you found yourself wondering where the best place to go to take photos is ?? I do it all the time.  Particularly if I am in a new area – but sometimes, even in my home town (Brisbane), I wonder if there are some new places I could try.

You are of course able to ask your photography crazy mates, and photo clubs are always a good resource, but wouldn’t it be cool if there was somewhere to check online for new and interesting places to take photos – not matter where you are … anywhere in the world.

Well… there is !!!

PhotoSpotz - the World's BEST places to take photosA very new online service called PhotoSpotz has been established which enables you to register, and search for the best locations to take photos – anywhere in the world(.  PhotoSpotz is actually still in the process of beings setup and is still under development, but it is currently LIVE (although may be buggy and features and functionality are likely to change).

PhotoSpotz allows anyone to register and list their favourite photo locations for free,. and provides a resource for anyone looking for new and interesting photo spots.

Each Spot includes information about the location – where it is (including a map), how to get there, what types of photos the spot is most suitable for, and the best time of day to visit, etc..  There is also a gallery of photos taken from that Spot, and you can even rate and add your own comments and photos taken at each spot.

Check out the website and if you like it… tell your phtographer mates as well… the more spotz listed, the better this servuice will become for everyone.