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Hervey Bay Sunrise & Sunset

I was able to spend a few days in Hervey Bay and got a number of sunrise/sunset timelapses done (still processing), and some Pooch Photos – but also took a few hand held low light shots as well :


Woody Point Sunset

Today I went along to a Brisbane Camera Club Meetup at Woody Point with plans to take some awesome sunset shots (and maybe some timelapses too).  After a day with loads of fabulous clouds, I was looking forward to a great sunset… However, on the drive out – the clouds promptly disappeared, so I was not expecting much of a sunset at all…

But, I did manage to do some timelapses, and ended up with a great series of Sunset Silhouettes which I am pretty happy with.

Here are some of my favourites of the day….

TimeLapse Video

The video below is a sequence of two TimeLapses taken at Woody Point (Brisbane) on a beautiful (but cloudless) Sunday.  Often the best sunsets occur when there are clouds around, but this timelapse shows the changing colours in the sky as the sun sets.

Woody Point Sunset Timelapse from Brisbane TimeLapse Photography on Vimeo.

Remember Forever Photo Club – Mt Coot-tha – July 2013

This months Camera Club event started off at the Mt Coot-tha  Botanical Gardens (an awesome place to spend a few hours taking photos) before heading up to Mt Coot-tha lookout for the sunset.

The theme at the botanical gardens was “macro” – but Sam, Susan, Rory and I arrived a bit early for a quick look at the Japanese gardens first.

Here are some of my favourites from the day (including some long exposures of the Summit Restaurant).  Look out for an update with a timelapse video of the sunset.




Mt Cootha Sunset & Timelapse

Mt Cootha is one of the favourite tourist spots in Brisbane as it provides a panoramic view over the city – with a good (if somewhat distant) vantage of the CBD.  I’ve intended for a while to go and get some decent sunrise and sunset shots… but it is on the other side of the city from me, so not really possible to pop up on a whim, and therefore requires a bit more planning.

I recently did manage to find a spare afternoon/evening, and went up for a look.  It was by no means an ideal night (was a bit hazy and windy) and certainly not one of the prettiest sunsets (the next day was spectacular of course), but I did manage some decent shots and an OK timelapse… and learned some useful lessons about how to do it better next time.