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Stanthorpe Photo Tour – Oct 2014

Just back from an exhilarating (and exhausting) Photo Tour of Stanthorpe and Girraween National Park.  I have now caught up on sleep, but not (yet) had a chance to do much processing of all the photos I took (47Gb, 7,000ish photos – including 8 timelapses).

I guided a great bunch of people (thanks Cristy, Jay, Joyce, Kerri, Steven… and even of course Tere) through some of my favourite photo spots in SE Qld.  We left Brisbane early on the Friday morning, via Moogereah Dam and Killarney and spent the weekend around Stanthorpe/Ballandean and Girraween National Park, befiore arriving back home in Brisbane Sunday afternoon.

It was a hectic, action packed, tiring, but fabulous opportunity to shoot a wide variety of styles at lots of different planned locations including :

  • Lake Moogerah
  • Carrs Lookout
  • Queen Mary Falls
  • Stanthorpe Rail Bridge
  • Ballandean Star Trails
  • Storm King Dam Sunrise
  • Girraween National Park
  • Steam Train (x 2)
  • Ballandean Vineyards
  • Ballandean Star Trails (again)
  • Condamine Gorge

With a few extra “impromptu” Locations as well along the way, such as

  • Moogerah Cows/Birds/Pelicans
  • Roadside Hut
  • Undercliffe Falls
  • Lavendar Farm

… and some great timelapse opportunities too :

  • Carrs Lookout
  • Ballandean Star Trails (x 3)
  • Stanthorpe Steam Train (x 2)

We plan to run regular Photo Tours to Stanthorpe, if you’d like to find out more, see our Photo Tours & Workshops Page – or Contact Us.

Here is a selection of some of my favourite shots from the weekend :

Remember Forever Photo Club – Mt Coot-tha – July 2013

This months Camera Club event started off at the Mt Coot-tha  Botanical Gardens (an awesome place to spend a few hours taking photos) before heading up to Mt Coot-tha lookout for the sunset.

The theme at the botanical gardens was “macro” – but Sam, Susan, Rory and I arrived a bit early for a quick look at the Japanese gardens first.

Here are some of my favourites from the day (including some long exposures of the Summit Restaurant).  Look out for an update with a timelapse video of the sunset.




Mt Cootha Sunset & Timelapse

Mt Cootha is one of the favourite tourist spots in Brisbane as it provides a panoramic view over the city – with a good (if somewhat distant) vantage of the CBD.  I’ve intended for a while to go and get some decent sunrise and sunset shots… but it is on the other side of the city from me, so not really possible to pop up on a whim, and therefore requires a bit more planning.

I recently did manage to find a spare afternoon/evening, and went up for a look.  It was by no means an ideal night (was a bit hazy and windy) and certainly not one of the prettiest sunsets (the next day was spectacular of course), but I did manage some decent shots and an OK timelapse… and learned some useful lessons about how to do it better next time.


Food Co-op Timelapse – May 2013

I setup a short timelapse sequence for a local food co-op/food buyers group – with the intention of highlighting the social and community aspect of this type of event.

I think the timelapse video below does this nicely.

(350 photos taken at 30 second intervals over a 3 and 1/2hr period)

Brisbane City Skyline at Night – Time Lapse

This is quick and simple experimental video is an example of a night time time lapse shoot.  This video was made up of just 200 photos over a 30 minute period – taken at 10 second intervals, with the exposure settings adjusted as the sun set and it became darker..

When taking the shots, I was disappointed that none of the lights in the building seemed to be turning on/off… but then, in the timelapse there are quite a few… amazing what the eye doesn’t notice.

I particularly like the circular motion of the stars (which become more visible as it gets darker)…

Watch this space for longer shoots like this 🙂

Note : Best viewed at 720 HD Quality
To watch at HD quality – change the settings by clicking the cog (quality)  icon above.

Brisbane South Bank Time Lapse

Experimenting a bit more with time lapse to polish my technique and see what works (and more importantly what doesn’t).

Note: for all samples below – the original is significantly higher quality and has been reduced for upload to YouTube, but it gives you an idea…

South Bank Boardwalk Time Lapse

Brisbane’ South Bank boardwalk extends along the length of South Bank bordering the Brisbane River.  It is a lively and busy place much of the time, and this time lapse captures tourists, families, couples, joggers, cyclists, photographers, kayaks, jet skis, ferries, city cats, and even a seagull (if you are quick) out and about enjoying the beautiful.

It was compiled from 690 photos taken at 3 second intervals over a 22 minute period on a (not particularly busy) Saturday morning. The sound track (written and performed by Rob Thompson) is appropriately titled “Down by the River“.

South Bank Arbour Time Lapse

The South Bank Grand Arbour is a kilometre long arbour located in the South Bank Parklands in Brisbane, Australia. The structure functions as a shaded pedestrian walkway which winds it’s way from one end of the Parklands to the other.  This timelapse sequence is m,ade up of 480 photos taken at 3 second intervals and stitched together into a Timelapse video using LightRoom 4.4.

Fancy Dress Scavenger Hunt Time Lapse

This very quick timelapse sequence was taken over just a few minutes at The Giant Wheel (South Bank, Brisbane) as teams gathered for a Fancy Dress scavenger hunt.
This was stitched together using Ligthroom, with 5 frames per second and 0.1 second fades.

Experimenting with Time Lapse Photography – Clouds

This last week or so I have been experimenting more seriously with Time Lapse photography and am enjoying it immensely.

Time lapse is relatively easy to do… all you really need is the camera, a sturdy tripod and a timer that is capable of interval timing (so you can schedule photos to be taken automatically at predetermined intervals for an extended period).

There are some intricacies about how you setup the exposure and the frequency of the photos… and you really need a decent post production tool (such as Lightroom) to convert the individual photos into video, but you can come up with some very effective results quite easily.

Here is a 98 second video – the result of over 2,300 individual photos, taken at 6 second intervals over several hours, and combined using Lightroom :

And here is a Video tribute to Anzac Day – incorporating a short time lapse sunrise :