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Experimenting with Time Lapse Photography – Clouds

This last week or so I have been experimenting more seriously with Time Lapse photography and am enjoying it immensely.

Time lapse is relatively easy to do… all you really need is the camera, a sturdy tripod and a timer that is capable of interval timing (so you can schedule photos to be taken automatically at predetermined intervals for an extended period).

There are some intricacies about how you setup the exposure and the frequency of the photos… and you really need a decent post production tool (such as Lightroom) to convert the individual photos into video, but you can come up with some very effective results quite easily.

Here is a 98 second video – the result of over 2,300 individual photos, taken at 6 second intervals over several hours, and combined using Lightroom :

And here is a Video tribute to Anzac Day – incorporating a short time lapse sunrise :