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Event Photo Shoot – St Judes Charity Fashion Parade

The School of St Jude is an incredible school in Tanzania, established by Australian – Gemma Sisia – to “fight Poverty through Education”.  Each year they select the brightest students from the poorest of the poor in Tanzania, and “support” them through am amazing education programme – from primary thruugh to tertiary qualifications.

I was asked to shoot the St Judes Charity  Fashion Parade by organiser Bernice Kelly – who did an amazing job coordinating a very successful event.

Events like this are challenging to photograph because the lighting is of low “mood” lighting.  This means that you almost always have to use a flash, which can be a bit of a distraction to attendees… You also rarely get an opportunity to setup shots and re-takes are virtually impossible as well.

Here are some of my favourite shots from the night :

Abbey Medieval Festival and Tournament – July 2014

The Abbey Medieval Festival is an annual, week-long event, held at The Abbey Museum in Caboolture.  This is Australia’s largest Medieval Re-eanactment events- with a Tuornment, Jousts and many re-enactment groups representing a wdie rnage if medieval eras.

This event offers a feast of photographic opportunities…. with plenty of medieval costumes (not just the participants but a large portion of the crowd getd dressed up as well), lots of shiny armour, bright banners and plenty of activity.


World Refugee Day Community Festival – June 2014

I went along to photograph the World Refugee Cup for Footy Photos – not realising that the footbal was actually just a small part of the annual World Refugee Day Community Festival being held at Annerley Football Club (Brisbane).

This  event is a bright, active and vibrant multicultural festival, with loads of different food stalls (I’ve never seen so many different African foods) and many people celebrating their national dress – a photographers dream really – so I ended up staying most of the day – here are some of my favourite shots :