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Garba Night 2014 (Brisbane)

I was invited along (by my good friend Reena) to photograph “Garba Night 2014” with Hemant Chauhan (an Internationally recognised India singer) ….

Garba is a high energy indian folk dance, performed in a circle , with rings of dancers circling around the Goddess Durga.  The dance represents the cycle of time – from birth, to life, to death and again to rebirth, with the Godddess (in the centre) being the only thing that is constant.

Pretty much everyone in India “grows up” doing this dance so it is a great favourite…and awesome to see so many of the kids now in Australia learning it too…

Here are some of my favourite shots from the night :

… oh…. and ion case you were wondering about the shoes… Pretty much everyone danced barefoot… so there were thousands of shoes lined up at the entrance …