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Lunar Eclipse Montage – April 2014

I (and about 100 other photographers) took advantage of almost perfect conditions (if a little cool and windy) to take photos of the Lunar Eclipse at Wellington Point in Brisbane on 15th April 2014.


Lunar Eclipse – Vertical Montage

A Lunar Eclipse occurs when the Earth passes directly between the moon and the sun and casts a shadow (Umbra) onto the moon.  Whilst not as rare (or spectacular) as a full solar eclipse, the moon tends to take on a reddish tinge and become much fainter (sometimes so faint it is difficult to see at all).

Photographing a lunar eclipse can be a challenge because when it is in full eclipse, you need reasonably long shutter speeds – making it difficult (and often impossible) to get crisp images.  As the shadow passes, there can also be significant contrast between the lit (bright) areas and that still in shadow

Despite cloudy conditions throughout most of the day, we were fortunate to have clear skies.  There were some clouds on the horizon, which delayed things a bit (and had some of us wondering if the moon was going to rise at all).

Here is a Montage of selected photos
(taken approximately 6 minutes apart between 18:00 and 20:00)


Click to view and click again to Zoom

I also took a couple of timelapses (1 minute between shots), and am not quite sure if they will work out OK… but will post here (and probably on Brisbane Timelapse)  once I get a chance to process them.

There is another Lunar Eclipse on October 8th and in April and September 2015.